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Power supply and distribution systems are among the most important elements in any server cabinet. Energy resources are growing scarcer and energy costs are reaching unprecedented levels. This is resulting in data centers reaching the limits of their capacity. nVent offers a wide range of power management and power distribution solutions that can be easily combined with each other.

What are PDUs? 

Power supply, distribution and monitoring systems are among the most important elements in any server cabinet. Whether you require a simple single or three-phase power distribution unit or an intelligent, switchable, tele-monitored iPDU that provides detailed information, you will achieve better control over your data center through:

• Situation-based decisions for capacity planning

• More efficient use of the available energy

• Improved server availability and reliability

• Higher packaging density per cabinet

• Reduced investment costs and savings on operating costs

• Real-time measurement of PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)


nVent offers a wide range of power distribution solutions:

• Basic power distribution units (PDUs)

• Intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs) with measurement and remote-monitoring of energy consumption 

   and the outlets plus remote ON/OFF switching of the connected electronic devices

• Power management software

The Schroff brand offers a comprehensive portfolio of basic, metered, monitored and switched power distribution units with country specific plugs and sockets that meet a wide range of functional requirements:

• Monitoring of power, current, and voltage for individual sockets and of the entire power strip, at circuit/phase 

   level or at cabinet level

• Read-out via local display or remote monitoring

• Remote switching of individual sockets

• Programmable, sequential switching of individual inserts

• User access authorization for individual sockets

• Residual current

• Overcurrent and transient protection

• Master-slave configurations

• Various environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, differential pressure and airflow.

Specifications include:

• Single-phase (110 V, 230 V) or three-phase (400 V) mains input via cable and country-specific plug 

   (IEC 60309, IEC 60320 C20, SCHUKO, UTE, British Standard, USA or Swiss versions) or

• IEC 60320 C13or C19 and country-specific sockets

• Horizontal mounting on the 19” plane in 1 U or vertically on the cabinet frame

• In accordance with international standards including: 

   DIN 57620, VDE 0620, NFC 61-303, ICE 60320, IEC 60309, BS 1363, UL, UL 498, c-UL 60950, SEV.IEC 60884