Listado de productos por marca CTC Union

Con más de 30 años de experiencia en el diseño de productos de telecomunicaciones, CTC Union es experto en proporcionar diseños robustos, resistentes a la temperatura y fiables para sistemas de misión crítica utilizados en entornos hostiles.

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The FMC-1001S family are Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X non-managed stand-alone media converters, which give you the fiber cabling connectors, LC with SFP module. Pluggable SFP are available in both multi-mode and single mode types as well as BiDi which allows bi-directional transmissions using only a single fiber cable. Auto-negotiation will automatically tailor to convert full-duplex signals, according to IEEE 802.3u standards. LED indicators signal the power status of the converter, UTP port speed and Link status FX port speed and Link status.

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This device consists of 1 PoE Injector port. It can solve the limitation of the power outlet location and offer the system designer a flexible solution to locate the PD network device everywhere. The compact size and wall mounting was specifically designed for easy installation. It can be installed where space is limited; moreover, it provides smooth network migration and easy upgrade to network capacity.