AREMO-4184 / Chasis PC industrial 4U/19" 

AREMO-4184 / Chasis PC industrial 4U/19″

Chasis PC industrial 4U/19″

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AREMO-4184 combines double AREMO-6182 with dual system frame, that lets double AREMO-6182 become 19″ 4U Rack-mount size chassis designed for PICMG 1.0/1.3.

It is built with one 5.25″ HDD driver space for CD/DVDROM, one internal 3.5″ HDD driver bay and repleaceable air filter for easy maintenance. AREMO-6182 also includes two USB interfaces on front panel and high wattage 1U form factor PSU.

AREMO-4184 Series


- Chasis PC industrial 4U/19″ montaje 2 x SBC PICMG 1.0/1.3.

- Compuesto por 2 chasis NODO: AREMO-6182 + RACK.

- Dimensiones 482(W) x 448(D) x 177(H) mm.

- Peso 15,5kg netos.

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